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Showcase Your Deck with the Perfect Landscaping


How beautiful is the deck area of your house? Would you want to spruce it up?

Landscaping the area around your deck is a great DIY project that would make the space more pleasing to the eye while raising your home’s value. It’s a project that might take a few weeks to complete, so it’s best to start in spring or fall when the weather is not too harsh.

The main constraint in a DIY landscaping project is figuring out what to do with the limited space. Once you figure that out, you’ll only need to be consistent in taking care of the young plants for several weeks.

If you are looking for a creative spark to help you get started on a landscaping project, here are a few pointers.

Deciding on Materials to Use and Borders

You will first need to decide on the plants to use for the project. They should be a mix of shrubs and grasses. Ensure the plants you pick can grow well in the type of soil you have and the sunlight your yard receives.

Next, you will determine the borders. You can use landscape paint to draw the borders, so you clearly see how the plants will line up and what turf you need to dig up. Do not start the project until you are happy with the layout.

Remove Existing Turf

To clear the way for your plants, you’ll need to do some clearing work. You can use a shovel to prepare your planting area since the soil only needs to be about 2 inches deep. As you dig, loosen up the soil and mix it up well.

Clear any weeds and remove their roots. Use stones or wood to install a border edge so that the grass from your lawn does not grow into the area you’ve dug up.

Planting and Adding Materials

The fun part is installing your plants once you’ve done all the prep work. Add mulch to conserve soil moisture and avoid the growth of weeds. Play around with the arrangement of plants. Visualize how you’d want the colors of the plants and their flowers to look once the plants have matured.

Additional Landscaping Tips

A personal landscaping project allows you to be a designer. There are no set rules, so express yourself thoroughly. Here are a few pointers to help you mix it up even further.

  • Stones are a great substitute for mulch once you’ve installed your plants. River rocks are especially beautiful, but you should go with what you fancy or what’s easily available in your area.
  • You do not have to plant directly into the ground. Potted plants are a great option when you do not wish to remove existing grass on your lawn. You can also move potted plants around once in a while to change the look and feel of your area. If you are an artsy person, you can do some artwork on the pots.
  • Consider doing some lighting around the borders of your garden. Your landscaped area will feel warmer and look stunning at night.

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