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Why You Should Have Carpet in Your New Home


As a new homeowner, you may be considering what kind of flooring you want in your new residence. Do you want hardwoods? Tile? Carpet? A combination of flooring? There are so many options to choose from, but you want to make sure your flooring works best for you and your family. As a Grand Homes customer for your new residence, you definitely want to explore the benefits of carpet.

Benefits of Carpet

There are several reasons you should have carpet in your new home. These include better air quality, quieter spaces, cozier spaces, a splash of style, and safety features.

Better Air Quality

For a long time, the carpet got a bad rap as being the cause of allergies and breathing issues. This myth has persisted for years, but carpet actually does not create breathing issues or exacerbate allergies. In fact, carpet traps allergens and particles that might otherwise have been free-flowing in the breathing area. Those allergens are only released if you use a vacuum that doesn’t trap them when you clean your carpet.

Quiet Spaces

The carpet is great for absorbing noises. If you or a loved one is sensitive to sounds, carpet can help reduce the overall noise pollution in your home and make for a quieter and more inviting living space. This can be especially beneficial if you have a family member with sensory processing challenges related to noise pollution.

Warm, Cozy Spaces

Carpet can add warmth to your home by helping trap heat and helping reduce overall heating costs. Especially if you are building in a colder climate, carpet can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home. If you have children that like to sit or lay on the floor, carpeting is a much warmer, cozier option than hardwood or tile.

Style, Style, Style

With all the color and pattern options available, there is no doubt carpet can add style to your home. Whether you are looking for a high pile carpet like a shag carpet, or a low pile carpet sometimes found in foyers, you have a number of options to choose from. You can also layer throw rugs on top of carpets to give an added layer of color or style. Carpets can be in neutral colors, or you can go for a pop of color to make your room stand out from the floor up.

Safety Features

Finally, carpet adds another level of safety to your home. If you have children or pets that like to run in your home, they are much less likely to slip and fall on the carpet than they would on hardwood or tile floors. Additionally, if you are more accident-prone, carpets provide you a safer surface. Carpets also provide some cushioning in the event of a fall protecting against serious injury.

When you are looking at your new home’s interior, consider all the benefits of carpet. Carpet can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home, is a safer option, and can help improve air quality and reduce heating costs. For more information on how your new house can include carpet, contact Grand Homes here.

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