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How To Choose the Perfect Front Door

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Moving into a new home brings lots of exciting decisions, including how to choose the best front door. Your front door can add tremendous curb appeal and express your personal brand. So, let’s take a look at what to consider in terms of color, style, and material. Throughout the decision-making process, it’s important to keep appearance and safety top of mind.

What Color Should Your Front Door Be?

There are a few rules when it comes to choosing a front door color. However, you should take into consideration whether the color matches the exterior architecture and color of your home. For example, a bright red door can make a statement and improve curb appeal on a white ultra-modern home, but it could take away from a home with muted exterior colors that blend into the landscaping.

Natural hues such as gray, brown, and black will stand the test of time and have wide appeal. Navy blues and deep reds are other classic front door colors that can attract positive attention. Some homeowners prefer bright colors to offset more conservative exterior paint. So, yellow, orange, and even lime green can make your home pop. On the other hand, darker tones such as forest green, burgundy, and eggplant add character without being too loud.

What Material Should I Choose?

You have many choices for door materials, including wood, fiberglass, glass, and stainless steel. Fiberglass and steel doors add durability, security, and insulation. Doors with glass elements increase visibility and beauty but may pose a security risk if not properly installed. Wood front doors require more maintenance but give your home rustic appeal. If you go with wood, choose a thick hardwood that will stand the test of time and help keep your home secure.

What’s the Right Door Style?

Choosing double doors can add class to your neoclassic, modern, or industrial-style home. Elevate your exterior by choosing the right door material and selecting a style that complements your home’s architecture.

For example, if you have a wide entryway, you can go with double doors for an elevated, luxury accent. You can also choose beautiful hardware such as doorknobs and knockers that add additional polish to your entryway.

Glass elements increase the visibility and the beauty of your front door. However, keep security top of mind and choose tempered glass that won’t break easily, and consider adding contact sensors to avert burglaries.

Choosing the right color, style, and material for your front door puts the final touch on a beautiful newly built home. If you need assistance with procuring or choosing a front door or any other elements of your new home, turn to the experts at Grand Homes.

New Home Builds in Dallas

Grand Homes has created many beautiful homes in the Dallas area. From front porches to verandas to beautiful front doors, we take every detail into account. Although we build more than 400 custom and semi-custom homes every year, each one gets our undivided attention from the design phase to the day we give you the keys. Contact us today for more information if you are considering a new home in Dallas.

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