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The Best Color Schemes for your Kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen, small or large, is the heart of every home. Although they were solely for cooking in the past, that is not the case anymore. Kitchens are now also for living, and great memories live there. That’s why putting thought into picking kitchen color schemes is essential. Below are some ideas of color schemes that can bring some vibrancy while unifying the aesthetic of the kitchen’s design.

1. Green and Gold

Gold is an organic metal mined from the earth, making it an excellent choice for brightening nature-inspired color schemes. It is always a good idea to pair metallic gold with deep-tone neutrals, such as green. You can also throw some white into the mix to brighten the room. It’s also a good idea to have shiny finishes for this color scheme so that the reflection can give the kitchen the much-needed pop.

2. Black and White

If blended correctly, a black and white scheme is a timeless classic that can do magic in traditional and modern kitchens. However, it’s not the most straightforward color scheme to use well. For instance, a black and white kitchen without warming elements like wood might appear too bulky. Therefore, the best thing to do with this color would be to look for a third shade that will catch the eye. Great choices include accents of brass, mauve, or sky blue.

3. Black and Red

Arguably, black has some range when it comes to kitchen interiors. Apart from white, one can also pair black with red. But again, with caution. Red draws attention instantly, while black brings some balance. Most importantly, a black and red kitchen needs adequate lighting – otherwise, the kitchen will look dull and dingy. It would be brilliant to add several layers of lighting. Lots of natural lighting would also be a plus.

The good thing with this color scheme is that it works even in small and narrow kitchens. Most homeowners tend to lean towards glossy black countertops and glittering red cabinets. However, dashes of white would also do magic to this color scheme.

4. Pink and White

This color scheme oozes subtle sophistication—crisp and fresh yet warm. And the good thing is that most whites go well with most pinks, so the chances of going wrong with this color scheme are minimal. But if you are unsure, the safest bet would be sticking to pure white. Pink accents like artwork, dish towels, and other kitchen accessories would be perfect. Alternatively, you can go all in with pink cabinetry.

5. Shades of Blue

Blue is an excellent color scheme for kitchens, but the shade depends on the kitchen size. For a smaller kitchen, lighter blues work better, while darker shades look suitable for spacious kitchens. Besides the kitchen size, the light level also determines which shade of blue one should pick. The other good thing about choosing shades of blue is that most colors compliment blue perfectly, depending on the desired effect. For traditional spaces, colors like grey and brown would pair perfectly. Contemporary kitchens would look good with fixtures in copper or brass.

The Bottom Line

Picking a kitchen’s color scheme is no easy fete – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find perfection. So the next time you renovate, consider exploring these exciting color schemes. Want to see more ideas for your space? Find out more from our experienced professionals at the Grand Homes design studio.

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