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Best Paint Colors for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are some of the most intimate rooms in your home. We often harp on about bathrooms’ cleanliness, and while this is extremely important, we can not overlook everything else that goes into a bathroom’s appearance. 

Expert interior designers often say, “If you want to change a room’s look and feel, give it a new [or different] coat of paint.” Matching your white bathroom tiles with an equally stark, white paint is for Mr. Clean commercials and hospitals.” Besides, you want to give your bathroom more personality, right?


Taupe gives your bathroom walls a classic look. It’s a warm, cozy, earthy color that retains its aesthetic qualities across different shades, making it one of the most versatile colors on our list. Use darker shades for modern looks and softer shades to give your bathroom an air of luxury and serenity.

Navy Blue

If you want to add a touch of drama to your bathroom, just paint your walls in the deepest shade of navy blue you can. Navy blue walls & decor make clean, classic, memorable looks. The color opens up a world of possibilities. You can experiment with anything from nautical to preppy themes, and its contrast against white porcelain is stunning.


Pink imbues your bathroom with an air of playfulness. Depending on the shade of pink, you can juxtapose different elements against your wall. Got a set of floral shower curtains you like? Try it. Got an eclectic collection of wall art you want to stick in your bathroom? With this wall, it might work. Powdery, lighter hues work well in rooms with minimal light.


Black isn’t necessarily the most relaxing color you can paint your walls. However, black paint’s durability makes it a no-brainer for many homeowners worldwide. Pairing white tiles with black walls or ceilings gives your bathroom a classy, formal look. In addition, painting your bathroom black helps gives the room depth and creates an illusion of a larger space. To maximize this, you should pair your black walls with large mirrors to create depth, so they reflect light throughout the small bathroom.


Neutrals work well in many scenarios, and bathroom decorating is one of them. Warm grays and charcoals give the room a balanced look. Infusing concrete and graphite hues can create a soothing effect and work with darker furniture. If you want to give the room some vibrance, pair your wall with colorful accessories like towels, paintings, etc. Feel free to go for some interesting color choices on this one.

Whatever color you choose for your bathroom, you want to pick something versatile and durable. Homes are an extension of their owners’ unique tastes, and they should feel free to explore them. Contact us at Grand Homes today if you’re a prospective home buyer house hunting in the DFW metroplex. We’d be happy to help you.

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