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Useful Decor Tips to Prepare Your Home for Remote Work


The Coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we knew it. Some industries faltered, but others thrived because the pandemic opened our eyes to new possibilities. In light of the plague we faced, corporations worldwide embraced their employees working remotely in some capacity or the other. 

With surging fuel prices, remote work and its flexibility are more appealing than ever. However, you’ll face serious challenges if your home isn’t conducive to a spacious, ergonomic workspace. We’ve got a few tips to help inform how you maximize your space and choose where to situate yourself.

Give Yourself Ample Space

One of the keys to a good workspace is good spacing. Although people have different preferences, cramped places don’t make for ideal workspaces. We recommend you put your home office somewhere with enough space to walk around comfortably. Movement helps ideation, and it helps relieve stress.

When you’ve got a ton of space, you’ll have enough room for plenty of storage items. As we’ll cover in our next point, storage is key to maximizing the space in your home – and this doesn’t apply to just your home office. Visual clutter impedes your ability to focus by causing cognitive overload. If you don’t want your mess to muddle your mind, you’ve got to…

Invest in Storage

To be as productive as possible, you must keep clutter to a minimum. You can invest in a desk that lets you hide your wires. In addition, make sure you keep a bin to toss your trash because nothing screams clutter and disorganization like a heap of junk.

As for your stationery, you’ll need drawers, cabinets, shelves or whatever else you need to store stuff away. These all work together to maximize space and keep your clutter to a minimum. For instance, we’re big fans of wall shelves because homeowners can store many things on them while affording plentyaffording its plenty of floor space.

Get the Lighting Right

You want as much natural light in your house as possible, and the same goes for your home office. Get your desk as close to a window as possible and enjoy a well-lit workstation during the day. While it’s cool to enjoy this benefit in the daytime, you’ll still have to invest in quality lighting options to take your work office to the next level.

All desk lamps aren’t made equally. Shell out the extra cash and buy a quality one. We recommend bulbs with warm color temperatures. Pick lamps and light fixtures with dimmers. That means less glare and more control of your office ambiance.

Get Some Plants in There

Every homeowner should welcome the prospect of decorating their home with plants. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also work wonders on your mood. According to a recent Japanese study, interacting with indoor plants can positively affect your stress and anxiety levels. In addition, there’s plenty of research to back up nature’s positive effect on memory, mood, creativity & productivity. If you’re not going to be the best plant parent, faux plants are a good alternative too. Become one with nature while you work from home.

Are you a prospective home buyer? At Grand Homes, we’d be happy to give our input on which properties have the best spaces for your next home office. Get in contact with us for more information.

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