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5 Easy Home Storage Ideas

It’s the age-old problem for every homeowner: the need for more home storage. There’s no need to overthink it. There are many practical and inexpensive ways to utilize space in your home in order to create a functional living area. Some strategically placed furniture items and a few hooks and baskets are key to adding essential storage to any home. Start the new year off right and check out these 5 easy storage tips to organize and de-clutter your home.
Large Furniture Items With Built-In Storage

Not sure what to do with that old dresser? Large furniture pieces can be used to add clever home storage to any room. A painted dresser in the family room instantly adds multiple drawers for remotes, games and books. Stylish storage benches and ottomans provide nifty hiding places for blankets and throw pillows. Kitchen cabinets busting at the seams? Old hutches and pie cabinets can often be picked up secondhand. They are perfect for displaying dishes, and the cabinets underneath can be filled with small kitchen appliances.

Hang Pots and Pans

Speaking of the kitchen, hanging pots and pans is a functional way to add style and storage. Wall hooks and over-island ceiling racks can be purchased from big box home improvement stores rather inexpensively. For the homeowner with fancier tastes, home furnishing stores have a multitude of options available to complement any decor. The added bonus to hanging pots and pans is that everyday items are always within reach.

Use Baskets

Every room in the home can benefit from the textured look of baskets. A wicker basket in the bathroom can be filled with guest towels. Hang a small wire basket on the wall for extra toilet paper. A tall, woven basket in the foyer holds umbrellas. Tired of the colored plastic toy tubs in the playroom? Replace them with wicker laundry baskets. Homeowners requiring more family room storage can place a row of matching baskets on a bookshelf. Give each basket a specific purpose: Maybe one contains batteries, another has chargers and yet another holds scissors and tape. The possibilities are endless.

Add Shelving to Utilize Wall Space

Don’t have shelves? Add some. Many homes have open wall space next to the fireplace, in hallways or even in a large, open family room. Utilize the space by adding shelving. DIY options include floating shelves or shelves with brackets. For a more polished look, have a carpenter add built-ins. The new shelves can then be used to hold baskets, books, photos, awards and other keepsakes.

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